Luxury Florida road trip: main preparations

Florida travel guide and expert tips for sightseeing and choosing the best hotels and restaurants.

Why go?

At first glance, the charms and joys of Florida are obvious: wonderful beaches, fantastic theme parks, fabulous shopping, a busy nightlife – all this attracts both young and old, both family and lonely travelers to Sunny State. But if you dig a little deeper, this “two-dimensional” representation is transformed into a bright three-dimensional picture, and it becomes clear that it is a wide range of recreational opportunities is the main magnet of Florida.

Florida does have the ability to surprise: it is home to the oldest city in America (St. Augustine), a rich heritage left by the indigenous population (the Seminole Indian tribe) and the rapid development of the early 20th century (particularly the Henry Flagler Railroads), and the start of space exploration (John F. Kennedy Space Center). The circus business, founded by the Ringling brothers at the end of the 19th century and advertised as “the greatest show on Earth”, is also flourishing here.

There is another reason to come here year after year: a combination of price and quality. When you spend money on vacation, you want to make sure that these expenses are not in vain. Florida invariably offers a quality vacation, which in today’s world of tourism business is almost equal to the ideal.

When to go?

It is not for nothing that Florida is called the Sunny State. But keep in mind that in the period from May to September, the temperature is often higher than 35 degrees, and it can be unbearably hot and humid here. From March to early May and mid-October to late November, the state has a more pleasant weather.

In winter in southern Florida, the thermometer rarely falls below 35C, but there are frosty nights in northern Florida. In March and early April, from June to mid-August, Christmas and New Year’s Orlando and theme parks are packed with visitors.

Tip: In summer, there are often severe thunderstorms. They rarely last long, but take an umbrella and a light coat with you when you go for a walk. Cheap polyethylene raincoats are sold everywhere, including in amusement parks.

Where to stay?

Florida is clearly divided into five tourist regions – northeast, central, southeast, Gulf Coast and Florida Keys. Magnificent beaches are not to be found here for a long time, as the length of the coastline of the state is almost two thousand kilometers. But families prefer to relax on the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico with quieter and warmer waters, and surfers and other water sports enthusiasts usually go to the Atlantic coast.

Many combine a week-long trip to Orlando with a week-long vacation on the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico or a trip to the Florida Keys, a chain of islands about 200 km long that “hangs” from the southern tip of Florida to the Caribbean Sea and ends just 140 km from Cuba